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Els has her studio in picturesque Bruges, Belgium.  She likes to work in the authentic way, with precious metals and beautiful materials, all handmade.   

Els graduated as an interior designer. In this direction she was able to express her creativity, but above all she missed creating her own designs.  

After that she made the choice to pursue her studies as a goldsmith.  In 2016 she graduated and became a laureate goldsmith 

She loves to make a beautifully finished jewel from a raw material. The whole process of meltingsawing to making wire and plate, Els does with a lot of passion 

She works with round shapes, which is associated with connectedness, love and femininity.  Els loves the sensuality of the round form, which makes the jewel softer for her. 

Els makes jewelry that has some type of movement and depth in them.  This gives you more of a 3D effect, giving you a different view of the jewel with every sight. 

Els’ work has been published in international magazines and books.  She was a selected artist for Autor, Joya Barcelona, Milano Jewelry Week, Artistar …  

She also became a finalist in Arty y Joya and her work was published in Arty y Joya’s yearbook Contemporary Jewelry 2020.